Life Insurance

There is many types of life insurances, most common types we offer are listed below.

Level Term Insurance

is a type of life insurance that will pay out a lump sum in the event of your death to selected by you person. You will be able to select how much it will be on your initial consultation with our representative. Your payments will be fixed for number of years.
You can also select increasing term insurance where premium and cover will increase each year without any medical updates required.

life insuranceFamily Income Benefit

It is very similar to life insurance however instead of one off payment it will provide tax- free annual income from the time of the claim to end of the plan term in the event of your death. The policy amount will secure selected by you person for longer time by supporting them with annuity payments set up for the time agreed.

Decreasing Mortgage Insurance

It will cover any outstanding repayment of your mortgage in the event of your death. The sum paid out will reduce in line with balance outstanding on your mortgage.

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